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All goods sold by Hartwell Jacques are sold on the following Terms and Conditions.

Any agreement made may be terminated if the trader in any way fails or neglects to carry out or observe any of the provisions made in the following Terms and Conditions.

Please note that there is no guarantee of availability of merchandise for sale to the trader.

Stock Description

Perfect Stock. This stock can be surplus, overstocks, cancelled orders and end of season/ line but may suffer a small percentage of normal manufacturers defects.

Customer Returned Stock. This stock is unchecked customer returns from High Street Catalogue Stores and Large Mail Order Companies.

All merchandise has been returned for a variety of reasons. Customer not at home when delivered unwanted by the purchaser, not suitable, or purchaser feels it to be faulty or defective in some way.

No guarantee will be made as to whether the merchandise is perfect or otherwise or a breakdown of such.

Company Name and Trade Marks

All references to the Company or associated firms shall be removed from any merchandise prior to resale.

No referral to the Company or associated firms will be used in connection with the resale of merchandise.

There will be no use of catalogues or promotional materials belonging to the Company or associated firms in connection to the resale of merchandise.

The merchandise will correspond with the description at the time of sale from the Hartwell Jacques to the Trader. No other guarantee will be made as to quality and fitness for purpose will be given whether implied by law or otherwise.

Hartwell Jacques will not be liable against any actions, claims, and demands arising directly or indirectly from the resale of merchandise by the purchaser.

Goods sold within the EEC

All goods are sold only on the condition that the buyer meets all health and safety regulation and current trading standards regulations within the EEC. The buyer also agrees to make safe or use for spare parts any damaged or faulty goods before offering them for sale to a third party or members of the public.

Goods sold outside the EEC

All goods sold outside the EEC must comply with relevant laws, rules and regulations applying to each particular country.



All Toys must carry a CE mark and Name and Address of the European Company responsible for the mark.

Toys must comply with the Toys Safety Regulations 1994 BSEN71 and Electrical Toys BSEN50088.

Plastic Bags containing toys must be over 38 microns thick and carry a child-warning label.

The following checks must be made and must not be sold until they have been carried out.

Instructions and completeness of toy for safe assembly.

No sharp points or edges, any internal parts exposed except those originally there to enable use.

Any toys using low voltage mains power adaptor are checked to British Standards EN60335 before resale.

Electrical/ Audio

Electrical/ electrical merchandise is sold on the basis that it is repair/reconditioned prior to sale to comply with the Electrical Equipment Regulations 1994.

Safety tests complying with BSEN 60065/ EN60335 must be carried out prior to sale.

All domestic appliances must comply with the plugs and socket etc. (safety) regulations.



Trader/Purchaser: The person/persons buying merchandise from Hartwell Jacques.

Company: Being the stock source company